• Daves Famous Meatloaf

    Daves Famous Meatloaf

    May 16 • 2 Comments on Daves Famous Meatloaf

    A few months ago I was invited to dinner at a friend’s home.  They were actually caterer’s at one time so I knew, as always, that dinner would be delicious.  When I stepped into their home – aromas swept me into a dream-like state...

  • Fill the Space with Art

    Feb 17 • 4 Comments on Fill the Space with Art

    My clients asked me to “fill the space” so I went through the different options and it came down to “Let’s Fill the Space with Art”!  We had the option to hang a fabulous light fixture over the stairway but I walked away from...

  • Full English Breakfast

    Feb 15 • 4 Comments on Full English Breakfast

    I was a guest at a Full English Breakfast this past weekend.  This in-home catered breakfast was a gift from a friend’s husband for her birthday and she decided to share this treat with a few friends.  When I walked into their home, the aromas coming...

  • Swedish Potato Sausage

    Feb 3 • 2 Comments on Swedish Potato Sausage

    One of the things that my Grandfather brought with him, when he immigrated from Sweden, was the family recipe for Swedish Potato Sausage.  It was a big Christmas tradition in our home when I was growing up – well even after I had grown up – and...

  • Monday Meatballs

    Feb 1 • 2 Comments on Monday Meatballs

    There is a wonderful restaurant in San Francisco named A16 and on Monday nights they serve Monday Meatballs!  I happened to be there on a Monday Night and we ordered the Monday Meatballs – I wanted more so I purchased the cookbook and now I make them...


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